Trick of the Light Theatre / New Zealand

An eerie, elegant wordless tale about death, love, grief and monsters.

After a girl’s granny passes away, she starts to suspect she is being pursued by the smoke demon shapeshifter from the old woman’s stories.

In the tradition of Spirited Away and Coraline, The Griegol is a mythic gorgeously rendered dark fantasy for brave children and lovers of atmospheric theatre.  This is an inventive new work that conjures magic and laughter out silhouettes, puppetry, live music and animation.

Charming, poignant and expertly performed.  A unique theatre experience.– TheatreScenes

Duration: 55 minutes.  Ages: 10-plus. Venues 200 to 700 seats.


Trick of the Light Theatre / New Zealand

This is a story about a girl who followed a map off the edge of the world…

In New Zealand there are some 56,000 kilometres of paper roads – streets and towns that exist only on surveyors’ maps. Or do they? A young woman strays from the beaten track and finds herself in a paper world. It seems a land of possibility but she soon discovers that things that happen in the fictional world can have frighteningly real consequences.

Hugely inventive and darkly imaginativeThe Press

Funny, warm, tender, artful and fabulously unsettling” – Theatreview

“Thoroughly enchanting and totally engrossing… a must see showThe Dominion Post

Duration: 60 minutes.  Ages: 10-plus.
Best for spaces seating 100-300


Trick of the Light Theatre / New Zealand

They say you can get lost in a good book.
But it’s worse to get lost in a bad one.

A story of mystery, magic and mayhem from award-winning company Trick of the Light Theatre. The Bookbinder weaves shadowplay, paper art, puppetry, and music into a riveting, dark fairy tale in the vein of Coraline and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. An original and inventive one-man tour de force for curious children and adventurous adults.

“Spell-binding storytelling at its purest and best…”
– Theatreview, Dunedin

A must-see gem” ★★★★½
– The West Australian, Perth

“A beautiful, articulate and engaging show that is as engaging as it is mysterious” ★★★★★
–, Edinburgh

Duration: 55 minutes.  Ages: 8-plus.
Best for intimate spaces seating under 175