Company 2 / Australia

Scotch & Soda is circus and jazz, served straight up. It’s a cocktail of exciting artistic personalities, world class circus, heart pounding barroom and junkyard jazz.

Channeling the vibe of a rowdy whiskey joint set in a dusty parallel universe, somewhere between depression-era traveling circuses and Europe’s 19th Century carnival past, Scotch & Soda will set your night off with a bang.

With a heartfelt blend of brass, wood and strings, the virtuosic Uncanny Carnival Band will have everyone jumping, whooping and clapping. Each musician one of Australia’s finest, plucked from the top shelf. Set them loose on the stage and things are going to get spectacularly messy. With the musicians getting in on the circus acts and the acrobats playing music, this unique genre-bending party is not to be missed.

Scotch & Soda is unmissable; so alluring, so intoxicating!  ★★★★★” –-The Guardian, UK

“A complete thriller from end to end!” ★★★★★ –Edinburgh Reporter

Duration: 90 minutes, with interval.  All ages.