A captivating story of a child alone in her bedroom, unable to sleep and curious to understand. She begins a transformational journey with light and discovers that the dark is a magical space.  Inspired by the iconic book Harold and the Purple Crayon, ZOOOM is driven by the power of “child logic” combined with the magic of science.

Using original music, lasers and projections, ZOOOM brings the audience on an adventure to help a lost start find its way home.

Patch extends the experience to before and after the performance with extensive enrichment and educational materials developed with years of research.

ZOOOM begins at home or in the classroom, as we invite our audience to “bring a piece of dark” to the show. Upon arrival, their dark is exchanged for their own personal light – a little spark that will keep them safe and guide them through the interactive performance.

“Entrancing and always enchanting, appealing not only to kids but to grown-ups as well.” –The Advertiser

WINNER! 2021 Ruby Award for Best Work, Event or Project for Young People!

Ages 3 – 10.  Duration 45 minutes.



Patch Theatre has a diverse repertoire of acclaimed, tour-ready productions for 4 to 8 year olds and their families. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Patch has presented over 100 new productions to more than 1.8 million children and their families since 1972.
Patch Theatre Company has presented 9 of its repertoire productions, in more than 30 international seasons, to children’s festivals and venues in the USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. while touring extensively at home in Australia.

Well-known and beloved Patch productions include ZOOOM, The Lighthouse, Me and My Shadow, The Moon’s a Balloon, and Emily Loves to Bounce.

“This is must-see children’s theatre”
– Peter Burdon, The Advertiser


An acrobatic adventure exploring all of the things we could be.

People are made of stuff — good and bad stuff, happy and sad stuff, stinky, odd, boring, dangerous, funny, sparkling potions of stuff.  People also have secret ingredients — what could your secret ingredients be?

I Wish…is an exciting collaboration between Patch Theatre and Gravity & Other Myths. Through physical theatre, stunning visuals and a healthy dose of humor we explore our differences to reveal the magic individuality.

“A visually stunning spectacle of lights, circus feats and self-exploration.”.”  –Play & Go

For Ages 4–12


An interactive, immersive promenade  performance piece for all ages:  part theatre,  part art piece, part rave, part science experiment.  For centuries we have gathered around light: telling stories, seeking warmth and looking for answers. Our greatest scientists still grapple with what light actually is.  It seems to be both particle and wave.  But how?  The Lighthouse puts children and their families at the center of an exploration of light.

“There is a primitive pull to light. A sense of wonder surrounds it.”  –Geoff Cobham, Creator

Ruby Award Winner 2020!

For All Ages