Kallo Collective / New Zealand  – Finland

On a tiny set lit by a single bulb, endless possibilities are illuminated. Wordlessly using body manipulation, dance, circus and clowning, Only Bones is a solo performance of off-the-wall physical buffoonery performed by Thomas Monckton and designed by Gemma Tweedie.

Only Bones‘ quirky low- tech aesthetic strips the stage down to one performer, one technician, one light, no text, and a stage area of little more than 1 meter square. With head-juggling and jellyfish this is a hypnotic show about a lot, using very little.

★★★★★ “A glorious salute to one man’s remarkable physicality” — The Herald

★★★★ “The creativity that has been poured into this piece is beyond measure, it is enchanting, engaging and enthralling”  –Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★ “Mind-blowing!” –Across the Arts

Duration: 45 minutes.  All ages.