Non-verbal physical theatre by Kompani Giraff / Sweden

Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still.  As this moment is quite fragile, it requires concentration but also a little bit of luck. With elegant movements they create installations where the different kind of elements have to interact, keeping the picture from falling apart.

The story is open for the children’s interpretation and imagination. Two characters create balancing games with everyday objects. They surprise themselves and they surprise us. Where are they? Maybe inside a giant paint bucket? A secret room? Or in a magical forest?  The performance is about how imagination gives us an opportunity to go from nothing to something, from nowhere to anywhere. To encourage children to learn new things – things they did not know that they could possibly learn.

Duration: 30 minutes.  Ages: 3-plus.
Venues up to 300 seats.

On stage:​ Jenny Soddu and Julietta Birkeland
Director:​ Viktoria Dalborg
Idea and choreography: ​Viktoria Dalborg, Axel Adlercreutz, Jenny Soddu
Music:​ Hans Appelqvist
Scenography and costume:​ Ellen Utterström

With support from:
Swedish Arts Council
City of Stockholm
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee County of Stockholm