Gravity & Other Myths / Australia

Playful, joyous and stunning, A Simple Space sets audiences alight with non-stop feats of unbelievable acrobatic ability and human physicality.

The award-winning and highly talented acrobatics ensemble from Australia, Gravity & Other Myths, has created a crowd-pleasing show, A Simple Space, which features seven extraordinary circus performers and a live solo musician playing all original music.

“A total triumph. A riveting show of the most incredible physical feats.” –-The Guardian, UK

“Be prepared to have your breath taken away.” –Three Weeks, Edinburgh UK

WINNER! 2021 Ruby Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Organisation or Group

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Duration: 60 minutes. All ages.



Gravity & Other Myths is an Australian circus company pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus. GOM’s work utilizes an honest approach to performance to create shows with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity.

GOM’s first work, A Simple Space, has achieved momentous international success, having performed more than 850 times across 34 countries and receiving multiple awards, most notably the IPAY Victor Award for People’s Choice. Backbone premiered as part of the 2017 Adelaide Festival to critical acclaim and 3 Helpmann Award nominations, cementing the company’s position as a leader in contemporary circus. GOM’s next work, Out Of Chaos…, premiered at the 2019 Adelaide Festival and went on to receive the 2019 Helpmann Award for Best Physical Theatre.

One of GOM’s newest, and by far most ambitious work, The Pulse, was conceived during the 2020 pandemic and premiered at the Adelaide Festival in 2021. The Pulse is a monolithic work of scale; a shimmering mass of 30 acrobats and 30 Choir members uniting and dividing, becoming spectacular systems and organisms of muscle, bone and voice.

Alongside our onstage work, GOM deeply values engaging with both our immediate and wider community through workshops and education.


Up close, sweaty, sexy, utterly charming, contagiously joyful. If you’ve seen them you know that Australia’s acrobatic troupe Gravity and Other Myths become your new best friends within minutes.

This amazing acrobatic company’s last show A Simple Space took the world by storm. Breathtaking acrobatics, unparalleled energy and irresistible charm made this Australian company famous. With BACKBONE, these extraordinary artists stretch the limits of the human body in a way unthinkable to ordinary mortals. Gravity & Other Myths brings you jaw-dropping physical virtuosity, high drama, humor and extraordinarily disciplined team work.

“With Backbone, Gravity & Other Myths has produced something so intensely beautiful it makes you proud to be human.” –InDaily Australia

Backbone tosses around the perception of what strength is, where it comes from and how it is measured. This frenetic celebration of human interconnectedness tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual and collective.

“★★★★★ What a great show! It has the excitement of circus at its best combined with the grace and choreographic line of dance and the magical undercurrents of good theatre.” -Sydney Morning Herald

With supremely clever choreography, grounded in humor as well as arresting feats, Backbone blurs the line between imagination and possibility, leaving one to wonder if gravity is real—or simply a myth.

“Their phenomenal strength and agility really has to be seen to be believed.” Broadway World

“★★★★ A mightily artful, concentrated study of strength, skill and trust. Backbone has a raw power. It’s a crowd-pleasing act with brains as well as brawn.” – The Times, London

WINNER! 2021 Ruby Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Organisation or Group

Duration: 80 minutes. No intermission. All ages.
Stage Size: Min 12m wide x 10m depth / Height clearance of 7m to grid
Venue: Designed for proscenium arch theatres with 600+ capacity

“Five stars! The Pulse defies gravity and leaves audience gasping.”     –Sydney Morning Herald

“Five Stars!  There is no shortage of acrobatic skills in the world of contemporary circus, and many of the flips, balances and throws seen here are replicated in other shows. But rarely is it elevated to such levels of beauty and fearlessness, by performers at the absolute top of their game.”  –Kelly Apter, The Scotsman .


The home-grown company that has conquered the world, brings together all three of its core ensembles plus a choir of 30 voices. The Pulse is the wholly Australian work of scale that we’ve been longing for. The Helpmann award-winning creative team responsible for Out of Chaos – director Darcy Grant, designer Geoff Cobham and composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix – reunite to extend and amplify the signature spirit of this unique company: visceral, poetic, heart-stopping feats… Dispatched by your best mates.

Epic passages of seemingly impossible levels of cooperation and humanity, repeat, stretch, blossom and decay alluding to forces much greater than ourselves.

Watch as a mountain of bodies crumbles into an ocean of voice. Towering human structures move with precision through a pulsing web. Cobham’s sentient lighting design, combined with Grant’s inspired crowd management and Phoenix’s driving score, create an intricate, organic synchronicity of human movement and sound – all to the beat of your own pounding pulse!

It’s the heart-starter we all need.

All Ages. Duration: 80 minutes