Gandini Juggling  / United Kingdom

80 apples, 9 performers, 4 crockery sets. This is Smashed in which the manipulation of the forbidden fruit took a sagacious look at the strained relations between seven men and two women, kindly flaying traditional juggling and contemporary circus.

Smashed 2 is the dark art of juggling revisited. Turning the tables on one of the most celebrated contemporary circus pieces of the last decade. 7 women and 2 men. This is a tale of retribution. This is the same but different.


Gandini Juggling & Alexander Whitley / United Kingdom

Gandini Juggling and Alexander Whitley Company have joined forces to create a visually arresting and cutting edge new work entitled Spring. A courageous, avant garde and cross art form experience that challenges our impressions of movement and physicality.

“Glorious. When it comes to juggling, the Gandinis pip everyone else.. ★★★★ ” –-The Guardian, UK

From the company that created Smashed and 4×4: Ephemeral ArchitecturesSpring follows on from the Gandini’s successful forays in ballet and theater delving deeper into their obsession with juggling as pure choreography. This new large-scale show is a result of their time flirting with various neighboring art forms, sharing a common core in their rhythms and bringing these cousins together to explore the relationships between them.


Gandini Juggling/ United Kingdom

You are cordially invited to a tea party that you will never forget…

A mesmerizing mix of circus and theatre, inspired by the work of Pina Bausch, SMASHED is a series of nostalgic filmic scenes exploring conflict, lost love, and quaint afternoon tea. This is the dark art of juggling: suitable for family audiences of 8+. Please note this show contains adult themes, parental guidance is advised .

Even though Gandini Juggling owes much to many other artists, this British group’s work feels like a whole new genre.  Here, juggling becomes flights of inspired poetry, musical choreography with strong dance elements, crazy-comedy surrealism, breathtakingly dexterous virtuosity, darkly absurdist drama. Gandini opens windows in the mind.”   –New York Times Critics Pick  Click here to read the NY Times entire review

“Glorious. When it comes to juggling, the Gandinis pip everyone else.. ★★★★ ” –-The Guardian, UK

“A juicy treat from first bite to its mid-air core.” –Herald Angel Award Winner, Edinburgh Festival UK

This is the dark art of juggling: suitable for family audiences of 8+.  Please note that this show contains adult matters, parental guidance is advised.  30 minute (outdoor) and 60 minute (indoor) versions available.


Gandini Juggling/ United Kingdom

Formed by world-renowned jugglers Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling is at the vanguard of contemporary circus, reinventing and reinvigorating juggling for the 21st Century.

4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures
Four jugglers and four ballet dancers share a stage for the first time, tracing pathways in space. Both of these formalized systems are ephemeral journeys through time and space, leaving an unseen trace, describing an imaginary architecture.  4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures is a celebration of the intersection where these paths meet.

Directed by world renowned juggler Sean Gandini, choreographed by the Royal Ballet’s Ludovic Ondiviela, with original composition, Suspended opus 69, by Nimrod Borenstein.

“★★★★  Jaw-dropping.  A show of elegant, wistful beauty.”
-The Guardian, UK

“★★★★  Mesmerizing.  The interweaving of ballet and juggling creates something astonishing.”
–Broadway Baby

Duration: 65 minutes.  All ages.
Venue Capacity: Up to 2000
Touring Party: 9-10
Stage Size: Min 12m wide x 11m deep / Height clearance of 7m


Gandini Juggling/ United Kingdom

Winner! Total Theatre Award, Physical /Visual Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“★★★★★ Exquisitely beautiful.” –The Herald
“★★★★ A Playful and mesmerising treat.” The Times, London

In SIGMA the iconic Gandini Juggling explore the world of Bharatanatyam dance, a celebration of and dialogue among juggling, percussion and dance. The piece showcases exuberant rhythms, patterns and colors, at the heart of which is a unique interpretation of the classical south Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam. Using a mirrored set, this reflective and dynamic show is a cleverly crafted circus and dance production, a mesmerizing flirtation between rich and tangible art forms. Performed by a virtuoso cast including the award-winning choreographer Seeta Patel, with the trademark humor Gandini Juggling bring to all their work.

Always innovators, Gandini Juggling pushes the boundaries of their art form by combining contemporary circus with dance and narrative. The resulting productions have challenged perceptions of what juggling is and can be and have forced the threshold of the genre in its own unique direction.

SIGMA is an opportunity to further explore these dialogues and showcase the multiplicity between bharatanatyam dance, juggling and percussion. Developed in partnership with Seeta Patel, a specialist in Bharatanatyam aesthetics and Kati Yla-Hokkala & Kim Huynh – pioneering jugglers from Gandini Juggling, the work investigates classical Indian geometries, mathematics, and rhythm by looking at similarities and differences, processes and choreographic architectures. There is also a focus on the parabolic accelerating velocity of objects in the air versus the more subtly changing speeds of the dancer and the underlying Carnatic musical structures.

Co-produced by: London International Mime Festival (UK)

Duration: 60 minutes. All ages.


Gandini Juggling/ United Kingdom

A tribute to the mythical landscape of popular music

“★★★★★ Cleverly choreographed is 8 Songs. Which is exactly  what it says on the tin: a series of classic rock songs with juggling accompaniment.” –The Guardian

From Dylan’s stream of consciousness realms to the Velvet Underground’s troubling landscapes, from David Bowie’s soulful escapades to the rocking Rolling Stones anthemic joi de vivre.

Commisioned by the WITHOUT WALLS consortium.

Duration: 60 minutes. All ages.