Chaliwaté  Company & Focus Company / Belgium

Between dreamlike fiction and factual reality, Dimanche paints a witty and tender portrait of humanity surprised by the uncontrollable forces of nature.

A family is about to spend their Sunday together, a family tradition. But the walls are shaking, strong winds and torrential rain rage outside and the storm has only just begun.

Amidst this climatic chaos, the protagonists absurdly attempt to maintain a normal family life.

In doing so, Dimanche observes the ingenuity and stubbornness of humans as they try to preserve their day-to-day habits, going to absurd extremes to keep up a sense of normalcy despite the chaos of an ecological collapse.

Meanwhile, three traveling wildlife reporters are doing their best to document the apocalypse. They film, with what little equipment they have, Earth’s last living species: three wild animals on the brink of extinction.

“Gorgeously realized and sneakily terrifying, Dimanche moves restively from the silly to the dreadful and back and forth again.”
–Alexis Soloski, The New York Times   CRITICS PICK!

“Captivating from start to finish. Poignant, beautiful and funny,  featuring an outstanding cast.” The Advertiser

“Superb theatre for our time and a wonderful experience for audiences of all ages” InDaily

“A definite highlight of the season and for me personally one of my absolute top 5  favorite and most successful bookings in my 13 years here.  It was extraordinary – everyone was mesmerized.”
–Eric Bloom, Director of Artistic Planning, BroadStage

“Incredible. Simply fabulous. What an unbelievably brilliant piece of theater! Full houses, ecstatic audiences, new patrons, young people, what more can you ask for?”
— Rob Bailis, Artistic and Executive Director, BroadStage

“Absolutely wonderful!”
–Chad Herzog, Executive and Artistic Director, Arizona Arts Live

Duration:  75 minutes (no intermission)

Recommended Audience: 9-plus

Stage Size: Width: 46 feet (14m) minimum; Depth: 30 feet (9m) minimum, Proscenium opening: 33 feet (10m) minimum; Grid height: Ideally 23 feet (7m), minimum 20 feet (6m)

Venue Capacity: 350

Touring Party: 6