Barking Gecko Theatre / Australia

Cathelijn is completely and undeniably alone: no friends, no family, no-one to turn to. All by herself in the centre of a dark forest, she tries to be strong, like a Viking. And that’s when she sees it – the house. A higgledy-piggledy mess of a place as tall as the trees. Inside, she finds Piotr, a small boy who never stops talking, and Elka, a grey-haired explorer who insists they keep the curtains closed tight.

When they suddenly launch into the air and set off across the sky, Cathelijn learns that this is no ordinary house: it’s a Rescue House, and it rescues the Loneliest Child in the world. So begins an extraordinary adventure that takes Cathelijn across the world and deep inside herself, on a journey of self-realisation and self-determination.

A new contemporary fairy-tale, HOUSE is a mad-cap adventure story of loneliness, belonging and flying houses. Featuring a cast of memorable characters, and a living breathing house, this fun-filled escapade for the whole family will set imaginations soaring.

“★★★★★ No other way to describe it other than an absolute delight”  –ArtsHub

Duration: 80 minutes, no interval. Ages: 8-plus and their families.

Cast  Nicola Bartlett, Isaac Diamond, Chanella Macri

Story  Dani Giovannoni & Luke Kerridge
Director Luke Kerridge
Designer Charlotte Lane
Composer & Sound Designer  Rachael Dease
Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
Contraptions Designer  Phillip Millar
System designer  Tim Collins
Dramaturg  Jennifer Medway