Alex Desebrock / Australia

Alex Desebrock is an independent artist based in Perth & Melbourne. Her company Maybe ( ) Together makes works focused on young people which span live art, performance, online, street art and public interventions. The works always ask big questions of the audience, the artists and the world at large.
One such work is


What does the world need to hear?

Sometimes, children are exactly what the world needs to hear.
Joyful. Innocent. Playful. Insightful. Critical. Brutally Honest.
They reflect us, don’t they?
And, they seed a sense of responsibility for the future.

Small Voices Louder is a two-part work.
The first part is an interactive installation that asks children social, political and philosophical questions.
The second takes these recorded answers and delivers them to adult ears through various means: audio installations in public spaces, radio, web pages and more.

Drawing on the responses of the children from across the Western Australia regional tour of Small Voices Louder, artist Jackie Edwards created this beautiful stop-motion animation with the children of Ravensthorpe.

Lead Artist: Alex Desebrock
Designer (Part 1): Ben Landau
Sound Design: Thom Browning & Sharyn Brand.
Dramaturgy: Dan Koop
Developing artists: Ed Gould & Conor Fox & Robert Jordan & Ryan Granger.
Mentor: Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Part 1 : For Children 7-12 years. Not suitable for children under 6nor for children who cannot read.
Part 2: For Adults in unsuspecting places.

Audience capacity: 16 children per show, 6 shows per day (96 total audience per day).

Duration: General Public: 30 minutes plus 15 minutes
post show for children to show parents and siblings the performance installation and share their experience.
Schools: 30 minutes.

Touring party: 3
Load-in & set up 3-6 hours; load-out 3 hours
1 x mechanist/LX to assist with load in and load out. No local show crew required.


Spreading hope across the globe one postcard at time…

Using Google Street View children look up a Hope Street somewhere in the world and write a postcard to the residents.

Part drawing, part writing and part imagining life in other places, in this interactive workshop the postcard becomes a modern-day message in a bottle – with each card being photographed and placed online before being posted.

Hundreds of postcards have been sent so far, and hundreds of responses have been received from all across the world.

This live artwork sits in the blurry gap between what is private and public information, and what is connection and community. We create a platform for children’s voices to be heard and encourage discussion about the cyber world and social interaction.

Read more about this project and see the amazing postcards and responses received so far here.

FOR: Children aged 7 and up. Suitable for children’s festivals and one-off workshops.
CAPACITY: dependent on ipad/computer/iphone access & volunteers. Suits drop-in workshop.

Concept, facilitation & design: Alex Desebrock
Assistants Facilitator : Phia Larsen

For Children 7 years and older

Audience capacity: 12 participants every 20 minutes
Schools: up to 30 children
Duration: Children can stay up to one hour, with rotating workshops every 20 minutes.

It can also be run as a school workshop of one hour.

Up to 15 sessions per day.

Touring party: 2
Load-in & set up 3-6 hours; load-out 3 hours
1 x crew to assist with load in and load out, and 1 local workshop facilitator.

Space required: 16 ft x 26 ft (5m x 8m) minimum floor space with a minimum height of 6.5 ft (2m)


Part Game.
Part Intervention.
One Big Game of Post.

A hive of postal activity involving big questions, blue hats and random acts of kindness.

The Future Postal Service is a high energy and big thinking mail delivery game, capturing the thoughts of children and delivering them to adult’s eyes.

Like many of Maybe ( ) Together’s works, The Future Postal Service takes children’s voices into public space. Through a simple game of post, children transform an adult-dominated space into their play space.

CREATORS: Alex Desebrock, Troels Lindenbjerg, Iben Lindenbjerg & Dan Goronszy.
ASSISTANT DESIGN: Ben Landau Fed Square Logo – Black BG

For Children 7 years and older

Audience capacity: 70 participants every 60 minutes
Duration: Children can stay up to one hour.

Up to 2 sessions per day.

Touring party: 4
2 hours (day 1) and 1.5hours bump-in for remainder of season
1 x crew to assist with load in and load out