Thaddeus Phillips + Steven Dufala / USA

When you become a parent, you are reminded more than ever as you explain to your child about the stars and planets, about the fantastic and sheer shock of how amazing and inexplicable it all is.” —Thaddeus Phillips

A treasured stuffed whale goes missing and a portal to another dimension through the kitchen fridge sets a father and child off on a spectacular quest through space and time. Objects on stage appear to come alive and the father and child must rely on their creativity, and each other, to survive wild landscapes that open like giant pop up books. Taking from classic children’s books, kabuki stagecraft, and spellbinding theatrics, A Billion Nights on Earth is an imaginative dive into the realm of parent–child relationships, exploring their varying perspectives on reality.

“Welcome to the wondrous world of A Billion Nights on Earth,” a family fantasy adventure about a child and  father who go on an inter-dimensional quest.”  –Philadelphia Inquirer

Visionary director Thaddeus Phillips and Obie award-winning installation artist Steven Dufala conjure up an epic of ingenious stagecraft and live action, with a cinematic score by Colombian composer Juan Gabriel Turbay. 

A journey into an alternative universe for audiences ages 3 to 99.

Directed by Thaddeus Phillips Designed by Steven Dufala Dramaturgy Tatiana Mallarino Music Juan Gabriel Turbay Lighting David Todaro Costumes Jan Avramov Set Engineering Efren Delgadillio Jr.

Major support for A Billion Nights on Earth has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. 

A Billion Nights on Earth is commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music, CINEtica and Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental.  The project received additional funding fromThe Wyncote Foundation with residency support provided by Mapa Teatro (Bogota, Colombia) + Buntport Theater (Denver).