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White Box Theatre’s Founder Sebastienne Mundheim is a writer, director, designer, performance artist, filmmaker, and educator. White Box Theatre combines sculpture, puppets, dance, music and live actors, to synthesize complex, sophisticated academic content into lyrical, entertaining and educational live performances for young audiences and families.  White Box Theatre productions are visually stunning works with rich stories that entertain, teach lessons and ask questions.

White Box Theatre tours work from its extensive repertoire nationally and internationally. (Scroll down for more on that.) In addition to live performance, White Box Theatre offers residencies, lectures, workshops, and provides consulting in interdisciplinary program design.

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James Joyce’s Ulysses in a “watered down” version accessible for ages 5 and up, with a boat that becomes a loom, a shadowy, red-eyed Cyclops, magical puppets and much more.  We follow the journeys of Ulysses, Leopold Bloom and James Joyce himself as the performance demonstrates how Joyce interprets an ancient story to fit his own experience in order to write his revolutionary novel.   Running time: 40 minutes.  For ages 5 and up. Company of 5.  Stage needed: 20 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft height.  “I recommend this show for any audience, adult or youth.” –Laura Barnes Weldon, National Coordinator ReJoyce Dublin, Ministry of Arts & Culture, Ireland

Paris at the turn of the 20th Century imagined through the eyes of post-Impressionist Henri Rousseau. Using extraordinary hand-made puppets, dance and lyrical storytelling, zoo animals float our of their cages and into a magical garden of pink leaves, a bicyclist climbs the Eiffel Tower, ready maids promenade on the Champs Elysees. Running time: 36 minutes.   For ages 5 and up. Company of 7. Stage needed: 30 ft x 16 ft x 13 ft height.
  “Engaging children and adults equally in a magical world. It’s singular joy, delight and insight must be experienced.” –Barbara Silverstein, Producer, Philadelphia International Festival

Sebastienne Mundheim’s lyrical story of America’s most well-known founding father follows Ben Franklin from early childhood through his many accomplishments as printer, inventor, and diplomat on a set made entirely of paper with dancing printing presses, giant buckle shoes, ethereal movers, comic actors, light and shadow play, and an eclectic soundscape.  Running time: 50 minutes.  For ages 5 and up. Company of 6. Stage needed: 30 ft x 30 ft x 10.5 ft height.  “Full of charm, information and ideas. suitable for children and everyone else. It’s a pleasure to see so much imagination.”–Philadelphia Inquirer

One of the best-loved works from great poet Dylan Thomas. comes to life.  Looking back on a boyhood walk through his Welsh village on Christmas Day, Thomas invites us to join him as he relives his childhood: a larger-than-life world of imagination, myth, and wonder.  This unique work has been described as “three-dimensional storybooks,” combining language and puppetry to imbue everyday objects with life and magic.   Running time: 60 minutes.   For ages 5 and up. Company of 6. Stage needed 18 ft x 18 ft x 16 ft height.  “Enchantment without cliche…wonderful.”  –Broad Street Review   “Euphoria”  –Examiner
Original adaptation co-created by Charles McMahon / Lantern Theater Company and Sebastienne Mundheim / White Box Theatre