Thomas Monckton / New Zealand

Circo Aereo / Finland

The Pianist is a hilarious and spectacularly catastrophic solo contemporary circus comedy piece centered on, in, under, and around the magnificent grand piano. At the peak of high society entertainment sits The Pianist‘s pianist. Impeccable in every aspect he glides graciously through life never placing a foot out of step. He is, in a word: perfection. Or at least… that’s what he thinks.  Only he is so focused on impressing everyone that before he realizes it, his show has transformed from the highbrow concert he hoped for into a  hysterical disaster. To salvage his somewhat unsalvageable dignity the pianist draws on his imagination and comes up with some rib-tickling and absurd results.

“★★★★★ An hour of immensely enjoyable entertainment.”  —

Show Duration: 60 mins
Audience Suitability: All ages
Venue Capacity: up to 400
Touring Party:  3
Stage Minimum: 7m x 7m x 5m height (23 ft x 23 ft x 16.4 ft height)

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