An international partnership platform for makers of extraordinary theatre for early childhood audiences (4 to 8 year olds).

The PaperBoats is pioneering new ways of connecting theatre makers and new ways of creating theatre, across borders, across cultures and across artistic forms.  Productions have been and are being developed in several countries using shared creative concepts, vocabulary and practices but each with its own unique style and local flair.

Especially on Birthdays exploring twins…same but different, was originally created in Adelaide, South Australia and a second production of Especially on Birthdays is under development by The Artground in Singapore. Gimme Please has been developed in Atlanta, Georgia at the Alliance Theatre while Magic Box is being created in Austin, Texas. New work is also in development in Wellington, New Zealand, while another new piece entitled Cha Cha Cha is being devised in Adelaide.

The PaperBoats Key Partners are thought leaders and leading artists representing four countries.
Dave Brown, Australia
Dr Brant Pope and Dr Megan Altrutz, USA
Stephen Blackburn and Kerryn Palmer, New Zealand
Luanne Poh, Singapore
Jim Weiner, USA

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