Pss Pss

Compagnia Baccalà / Switzerland

Two modern-day clowns, Simone Fassari (him) and Camilla Pessi (her), take to the stage, playing out their hilarious and unique pas de deux through the universal language of gesture and look. Without a single word being spoken, these two characters sweep us up in a timeless and award-winning performance with all the seriousness, innocence, and unkindness of the human condition.

Pss Pss has been performed over 600 times, in over 50 countries, and on 5 continents, to huge acclaim. Winner of 10 international prizes.  An hour of happiness. Don’t miss it!

Suitable for all ages from 9 years old.

“★★★★★  The audience are in hysterics. Inventive and exciting, this couple of clowns will have you laughing long after you have left the theater.” –Broadway Baby

“★★★★★  Extraordinary, riveting, infectious. One of the most magical shows on the circuit.” 
–The Stage

Show Duration: 65 mins
Audience Suitability: Ages 9+
Venue Capacity: Up to 800
Touring Party: 3-4
Stage Size: Min 6m wide x 5m deep / Height clearance of 6m

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