Volker Gerling / Germany

Photographer and intrepid traveller Volker Gerling has walked over 3,500km throughout his native Germany, inviting people to visit his traveling “thumb cinema” exhibition in which he shows flipbook portraits of some of the people he has met along way. He creates new flipbook portraits from his latest encounters.

In the show, Portraits in Motion, a series of enchanting and precious moments from Gerling’s travels come to life on screen as he shares the heart-warming and moving stories behind each image.  Gerling shows the audience a selection of his favorite flip books by holding each one under a video camera so that its moving images are projected onto a large screen.  The effect is intimate, personal and completely delightful.

Winner of the Total Theatre Award  for Innovation at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“★★★★  Funny, odd, sometimes tragic, sometimes sexy “ –BroadwayBaby.com

“★★★★ One of my favourites at Edinburgh Festival Fringe”  — Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Duration: 60 minutes.  All ages.