Familie Flöz / Germany

The heavenly name and Alpine spa location of Hotel Paradiso promise a relaxing get-away-from-it-all holiday. Four stars adorn the entrance but all is not as it should be in the quaint family-run hotel. Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon.

★★★★★★ “Every now and then, a show comes along that scoops you up from the start, whisks you along on a roller coaster ride and deposits you at the end of the track, gasping for breath and wanting to do it all again. This is one of those.” – Edinburgh News

“Wordless and yet somehow so expressive, full of yearning and yet also filled with joy; this is splendid and immensely skillful character comedy.”The Guardian

★★★★★ “Masterful”  – The Scotsman

Duration: 80 minutes.  No interval.

Ages: 10-plus.

Venues up to 1,000 seats.