Geoff Sobelle / USA

From the master of stagecraft, movement and illusion, on stage a house appears from nothing.  It goes up fast, choreographed like time-lapse photography.  Residents move in, move out, get evicted, burn it down, loot it, rent it, remodel it, get married and divorced in it, grow up in it, die in it, haunt it.  And all the while they leave and live among traces of residents present, past and future.  They throw a party, as if everyone who ever lived there could cohabit, transcending the logic of time and space.

HOME is a large-scale performance work from the creative genius Geoff Sobelle (The Object Lesson) that explores and explodes the relationship between “House” and “Home.” A visual physical spectacle, HOME combines dance, illusion, live music, home-spun engineering, and inventive use of audience interaction to compose a work that asks, where is home? If it is not a place, what is home?  In the face of entropy, we struggle to build infrastructure, family, community, art.  We fail.  And we try again.

Creator Geoff Sobelle 
Scenic Design Steven Dufala
Lighting Design Christopher Kuhl
Choregraphy David Neumann
Illusion Consultant Steve Ciuffo
Creative Consultant Julian Crouch
Producer Jecca Barry
Performers Geoff Sobelle, Sophie Bortolussi, Jennifer Kidwell, Justin Rose
Featuring music by Elvis Perkins

Audience Suitability: 12+
Duration: 75 minutes, no interval
Stage/venue Size: Proscenium with fly system
Touring Company: 14-17 depending on theatre

HOME is commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music, New Zealand Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival. HOME is funded in part by The Wyncote Foundation, Adam Max and American Dance Institute. Residency support provided by ArtsEmerson, BRIC and Mana Contemporary.